Those Super Cheap Flights You See On Facebook Aren't So Cheap After All

People were going nuts Wednesday morning over the possibility of scoring super cheap flights through Icelandic airline WOW air.

If you were on Facebook, you likely saw ads promoting flights from the US to Iceland and Europe for as low as $99. Your heart probably skipped at beat at the sight of something like this:

Start packing your bags. Posted by HelloGiggles on Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Too good to be true? Yes, unfortunately. But what about at all these deals, deals, deals?!

WOW air

Apparently, once you attempt to actually buy a ticket through WOW air, you start racking up mad fees. Those $99 tickets are one-way only, so unless you plan to move to Iceland, you're going to be paying closer to $600 to make it back home.

And you can forget about packing anything besides socks and bikinis for your European getaway. You'll be paying for your carryon if it weighs an ounce over 11 pounds.

...And that would the point at which I'd give up and settle for Paris, Texas.

WOW air

Always pay attention to the fine print, friends.

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