There's One Thing More Important To Women Than Guys' Good Looks

If you're a dude looking to attract the ladies, there's something they wanna see even more than a strong jaw line: selfless behavior.

A recent study from the UK revealed women will pick an altruistic man (aka a man who helps other people unselfishly) over an attractive one.

For the study, 202 straight women were shown photographs of men -- some very attractive, others not so much. The images were followed by descriptions of scenarios in which men displayed altruistic behavior, neutral behavior or non-altruistic behavior. One example from the study reportedly read,

Two people are walking through a busy town and notice a homeless person sitting near a cafe. Person E decides to go into the cafe to buy a sandwich and a cup of tea to give to the homeless person outside. Person F pretends to use his mobile phone and walks straight past the homeless person.

Turns out, the women preferred selfless guys over attractive guys. In fact, they preferred unattractive, selfless guys over guys who were just plain attractive, particularly for longterm relationships.

So, there you go, nice guys. If you genuinely are nice to people (and I'm not sure complaining about how women are heartless bitches counts), you might attract more attention from the ladies.

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