Teens Are Using Their Manicures To Cheat On Exams Instead Of Just Studying


You may remember the many woes of school. From the drama to the workload to — worst of all — the tests, it was a lot.

I certainly don't miss spending hours studying math concepts that I still haven't used in the real world.

Just like I was totally over it back then, today's teens seem to feel the same way.

While I would never condone cheating (seriously, don't cheat), one Twitter user has gone viral for the beautiful way he expertly avoided memorizing the formulas before an exam.

Known as Andrw on the social platform, @glxzwdwyws tweeted photos of his pretty manicure with a pre-test twist.

Using small pieces of paper and super tiny handwriting, he literally hid the formulas he needed to know behind his acrylics.

Who would even think about looking there?

From his photos, it looks like he starts with a French manicure base (using a white Essie polish, he told one commenter) to ensure that the formulas go unseen once they're adhered to the inside of the nail.

I'm struggling to be a good, responsible adult and kind of hate the fact he cheated, but I have to admit that it might be the most genius method I've seen yet.

Andrw continued his thread by adding more photos of his unique idea.

If he uses a printer, he wrote in Spanish, he can fit three formulas on each nail, making it possible for him to conceivably show up to a test with 30 total formulas in his hands.

Here's how one of the longer formulas looks printed in teeny 3-point Arial font.

I'm surprised by how neat they turn out. You can see all the info clearly.

Because of that French mani base, Andrw can include strips of all sizes.

The rest of Twitter was equally impressed with Andrw's idea.

Nevertheless, it might be easier to just study, no?