Everyone's Going Nuts Trying To Figure Out The Stripes On Girl's 'Magic' Shirt

by Tim McGovern

Is this shirt the greatest clothing-based optical illusion to occupy all of our waking thoughts since The Dress?

I certainly think so.

From far away, the shirt in this girl's selfie looks like it has stripes that curve in a wavy pattern. It also kind of looks grey, right? Here, take a harder look at this enlarged photo:


But hold up. You can't believe everything you see with your eyeballs.

If you zoom in even more, it almost appears as if there are wavy diagonal lines running across her shirt.


Now, prepare to have your mind blown and your day at work ruined thanks to Googling optical illusions.

When you zoom in even more, it turns out that her shirt just has straight and parallel, black and white lines that are not wavy or diagonal at all.


Of course, needless to say, Twitter lost its fucking shit trying to wrap its head around this trick upon all of our peepers.

One user named Zara thinks this illusion is the work of Lucifer himself.



How did this piece of clothing go from a "trippy" shirt to a boring, run-of-the-mill striped shirt with a simple click of the zoom button?


Twitter user 80s mom jeans believes the shirt literally changed directions.


Up is down! Left is right! All is chaos and disorder!

The difference between the zoomed-in version and the zoomed-out? "Omg."


You may cry, "Oh my God," to the heavens above, but even the almighty will not unravel this mystery for you.

This shirt is clearly a shapeshifting entity from an ancient shadow realm well beyond our mortal reach...


...or it just employs a simple optical illusion.

Nah, let's stick with shapeshifting entity.

Excuse me while I try to rest my eyes. I've been staring at the shirt for *checks watch* 18 hours.