Trying To Figure Out What Color These Strawberries Are Will Hurt Your Brain

by Alexandra Svokos

This picture of strawberries is driving people on the internet crazy.

It is a picture of strawberries. The strawberries look red. They are not red.

The picture is strange because of how the color has been displayed. Here it is:

What do you think?

It's a strange picture.

To me, it looks like it has a light-blue filter over it, like when you change the highlights color on Instagram.

The plate looks white, the crust yellow and the strawberries red.

But, as it turns out, the strawberries are not red. This crazy phenomena happens because your brain wants to fix the picture for you. But the picture has been fixed outside of your brain so there is no red in it.

The strawberries in the picture are not red. The strawberries are grey with a little bit of green. Neither of those colors are red.

This picture is an optical illusion. So it's like those picture books you used to get from the library when you were a little kid that made you see different things when you looked at them.

With this picture, we get a clear example how the internet has essentially become a school library for adults. We are all still interested in the same content as when we were seven. Wow, what intelligence the internet has spurred.

This is an instance of color constancy. The blue tint changes the colors of the red strawberries to grey. But your brain is trying to correct it, so it tells you it's red.

This tweet will show you how wrong your brain is:

If you scroll down, it's a really weird effect where the seemingly red strawberries switch to grey when viewed against a white background:

So, now you see, the strawberries are not red.The strawberries are grey.

Eric Carle would be so proud of adult you for figuring that out.

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