Here's What Each State Searched For Most In 2015, According To Google

I'm a firm believer in the revealing power of one's search history. Meaning, I think you can find out anything you need to know about a person by browsing through his or her search history.

After all, who do we turn to more often than Google with our most important (and most embarrassing) questions?

If my theory holds, Estately's annual list of the year's most-Googled terms is incredibly telling. The list, which breaks down the top Google searches by state, reveals what Americans care about most.

Vermont residents, for example, were most concerned with climate change in 2015. Floridians, on the other hand? All about those concealed weapons permits.

The map of 2015's most-Googled topics will both make you laugh and shake your head at the state of America, so take a look below, and let's hope 2016 is a little less, uh, scattered.


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