Porn Stars Reveal All The Things They Do To Prepare For A Sex Scene


For every minute of porn, there are, like, five hours of prep work done.

That's the weird part about porn, I mean, aside from the fact you're watching two to seven people you don't know going at each other honeymoon-style at a laundromat/doctor's office/People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals rally.

What you're watching is supposed to be spontaneous. It's supposed to be two people who have “never done this before, I swear!” doing this allegedly completely spur-of-the-moment thing, yet there are hours of preparation needed to get the performers to this point. Nobody is that bangable always; sex is just not a thing people are always ready for. Most people are ready for the big show at most 34 percent of the time.

I kind of preferred not knowing how much preparation goes into porn. I don't need to know about “bajeenal dow-ches” (thank you, Amarna Miller). I don't want to know how the porn hot dog is made, I just want to… eat it? I don't know, this was a sloppy comparison. You get it.