People Are Freaking Out Over These Discontinued Starbucks Cookies (Photos)

People are really not digging Starbucks this holiday season.

Just weeks after the red cup drama finally cleared up, yet another Christmas controversy has emerged, this time, involving Starbucks' discontinued polar bear sugar cookies.

Three days ago, Redactor fugaziozbourne posted a photo of the festive cookies to Imgur, along with the observation that the red-scarf wearing bears “look like they've all had their throats slit.”

The post quickly racked up millions of views, and social media users were quick to comment on the violent allegation.

Some declared the cookies a “war on Christmas.”

Starbucks is getting dark this Christmas. Polar bears look like they got Catelyn Stark'd. #WarOnChristmas — J $ (@highkey_john) December 9, 2015

While others seemed to be poking fun at the ridiculous controversy.

first starbucks doesn't support christmas and now they encourage killing polar bears. smh — ZiAD (@ZiadChehadeh1) December 10, 2015

A lot of people were talking about it.

These Starbucks polar bear cookies looking like their throats are slit makes me glad to be alive. — Andrew Dyce (@andrewbdyce) December 10, 2015

But according to Starbucks, the cookies were discontinued in 2010…

Ok so Starbucks gets rid of their Christmas cups then they slit polar bear throats on their cookies? — Davin Lee (@davinreader) December 11, 2015

Which begs the question, why even bring it up?

#polarbearcookies #neversawitcoming #starbuckschristmas — Britt McMillan (@artfeltoddities) December 12, 2015

Maybe this isn't a war on Christmas, but a war on Starbucks.

Starbucks selling polar bear biscuits with slashed necks? Oh wait ... — Gill (@CatnapMistress) December 10, 2015

Attackers, back down. Starbucks will win.

@Starbucks polar bear massacre!! #Starbucks #fail — Liz (@uk_liz) December 10, 2015

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