Hilarious Song Explains The Reality Of Peeing Your Pants After Having Kids

Everyone loooves to freak out about the normal, everyday functions of women's bodies.

Well, newsflash, after a woman uses her insanely powerful pelvic muscles to birth her children, her body changes in ways that shouldn't shock or astound any of us.

One of these changes is the increased potential for leeks. That's right, when a mom coughs or sneezes a leek can sometimes unexpectedly escape.

Running to the bathroom over a little leek is nothing to be ashamed of, though. One in three moms experiences this post-childbirth and, believe it or not, the leeks themselves are rich in iron, vitamin K and manganese.

The leek's leaves are much more aesthetically attractive than other vegetables of its kind, like onions and garlic, and add a satisfying crunch to salads and sandwiches.

When simmered in soups, leeks often bring out -- hmm? What's that?

What do you mean, “Not that kind of leek?”

What other kind of leek is there?

Fine. Whatever. Maybe I'm not an “expert” on what happens to a woman's body post-maternity, but even if vegetables were to sprout from our mothers' vaginas at some point, let's just choose to play it cool and keep the environment judgment-free. After all, we owe them our lives.

This video by HelloFlo called “Leaks Can't Stop Me Now” might be able to do a better job explaining this particular physical phenomenon.