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Soldier Gives Mom Epic Surprise By Having Police Pretend To Pull Her Over

Millennials rarely use "literally" in an, actually, well, literal sense, but this case is worthy of it. This video might be literally the greatest outcome ever for someone who got pulled over by the police.

Out in West Point, Georgia, Sergeant Salomon Robinson returned home for a two-week break from duty in Iraq, but the soldier didn't tell his mother. Instead, he decided to surprise her in the most special way.

Robinson coordinated with the West Point Police Department and plotted to follow his mom on her way home, Daily Mail reports.

His mother, Claudette Hutchinson was stopped by the cops and told there was an investigation of a hit-and-run going on. When the officer told Hutchinson his "partner" would be coming to bring her license back, Robinson revealed himself.

From there, ecstatic cannot even begin to describe his mother's reaction. In fact, Hutchinson screamed so loud, you might want to turn down your volume just a little bit before checking out the video.

The plan was simply perfect, and for the police department, it was a no-brainer.

Police Chief Tony Bailey reportedly said,

This young man coming home, after serving three deployments protecting us and our freedoms, I don't think there was a single request this young man had that we shouldn't make happen.

And make it happen they did. Watch the video of Robinson's surprise, and catch all the feels.

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