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Snapchat's Latest Move May Let You Online Shop While Watching Friends' Stories

Snapchat looks set for world domination.

The Facebook and Instagram rival is looking to buy search app Vurb for a cool $110 million, reports The Information.

So what's Vurb, and why should you care?

It's like a really cool Google — and Google's already pretty dope.

Vurb, founded in 2011, is an app that tailor-makes your searches, shows you where's good to go based on trending scenes and lets you share your plans with your friends.


Since it launched, Vurb has struggled to take off — had you heard of it before today? I hadn't.

These tech giants believe the answer to gaining traction for search apps is to fuse chat and location-based features.

Let's face it: You'd use Vurb if it was a handy little feature built into Snapchat, wouldn't you?

The social media war has never been so explosive. Apps keep dropping update after update in a bid to stay ahead of the curve.

One of the latest was Instagram Stories, which sounds familiar, doesn't it...