Savage Guy Snapchats Himself Throwing GF Out Of The House After She Cheated

by Eleanor Harmsworth

Being cheated on is normally not something we want to shout from the rooftops.

But not for this guy. He snapchats himself following his now ex-GF as he throws her out his house after finding out that she cheated on him.

Sadly, it seemed like it was about to get quite serious, as the guy tells the camera,

I was going to take care of her son, pay for all her shit. But, you know what, she was cheating, bro.

Then he explains, "Her ex hit her up," continuing, "[She was] sucking dick and fucking some other nigga while I was chilling, and she said not to worry."

Ouch, ouch, OUCH.

As she walks away he explains that the girl is found herself in quite a bad situation now:

Plus she broke. Ain't got no job. Ain't even got her shoes on. Dirty-ass feet.

But it seems that this girl had it coming.

Had the audacity to tell me in my eyes that she wasn't cheating, bro. Get the fuck outta here.

And if you think this guy is being a little too savage, he certainly doesn't.

For all you females calling me a hoe, calling me a player, as y'all can see, I'm the one that's getting cheated on. I'm the one that's getting played, bro.

If the snaps teach us anything is it this: If you get cheated on, you can own it.

As this guy says,

[She] sat in my bed and told me not to worry about shit. But it's OK, though, I got the last laugh in the end. 'Cause that shit was funny, bro.

What goes around comes around.


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