This Smartphone Might Have A Self-Repairing Screen, So Don't Panic If You Drop It

by Brenda Santana

There's nothing more inconvenient in the world than when your brand new smart phone has a broken screen. It makes your pictures come out blurry, makes it harder to text, and sometimes even cuts you (if the crack is really bad). The only way to remedy your cracked screen is by spending hundreds of dollars getting the screen changed, or by changing your phone altogether.

Luckily, a phone company might be working to remedy this issue. Motorola is working on a self-repairing screen, so we won't have to panic when we drop our phones anymore. Instead of using glass (which is what most smartphone displays are made of), a new device by Motorola will count on what they're calling a "shape memory polymer," which is a fancy name for a moldable plastic.

How will this "polymer" work to self-repair? Well, I'm glad you asked, because the "shape memory polymer" will basically put itself together when heat is directly applied to the affected area. And don't think the heat comes from a blow dryer or something; the heat used to repair the screen would actually come from inside the phone itself and would get started using an app.

The new technology would eventually be able to spot any scratches or small cracks and fix any irregularity on its own. Whoa, this technology seems straight out of a cool futuristic movie. The only problem is if you have a significant crack on your device, this new technology will not work.

Cell phone companies are really looking to release innovative technologies. Recently, Samsung shared that they'll be releasing facial recognition on their newer Galaxy smart phones. They've already had facial recognition before, the newer version will be more sophisticated and, like the upcoming iPhone 8, will count on infra-red technology.

The competition in the race for best smart phone is getting tough, let's see who will reign king.