Androids Might Copy This Rumored iPhone 8 Feature, Because Of Course They Will

by Brenda Santana
Nadir Keklik/ Shutterstock

Any news of the iPhone 8 has driven techies everywhere mad, but nothing has gotten as much attention as the iPhone 8's facial recognition feature. The rumored feature is said to use infra-red technology to read your face and unlock your phone. But Apple isn't the only company getting a piece of the pie, because Androids might get facial recognition, too.

OK, well it turns out the Galaxy S8 already counts on a facial recognition feature, but the feature isn't too safe because it can be manipulated by using a photograph of the persons face. Definitely a big no-no! Plus, the facial feature is not compatible with apps that require strong security.

BGR reports the next iterations of Galaxy phones might be coming with more sophisticated facial recognition features, but it's looking like Apple might just beat them to the punch. Qualcomm is the chip maker that works with Android, and they assure users that Galaxy will not only have sophisticated facial recognition technology, but that it also might be better than the technology Apple is coming out with.

Those are fighting words.

It's been reported by 9 to 5 Mac that these claims are in fact fighting words, because Qualcomm isn't on very good terms with Apple.

Whatever the case may be, I don't understand why Android getting facial recognition is such a big deal. After all, isn't every electronic device just a different version of another? Let's just hope the new Androids with facial recognition will come with a better price tag than the upcoming iPhone 8, because the iPhone is going to cost a small fortune.

Let's also hope the newer Androids will come with a wider variety of colors, as we already know the iPhone 8 will not be coming in the rose gold we've all grown to love. Who knew there was so much drama in the tech community?