This Terrified Sloth Was Rescued From A Highway In Ecuador And It Was Adorable (Photos)

When we think about cute animals, we usually think “puppies” or “kittens” — not sloths.

But this little guy is here to represent the unsung cuties of the animal kingdom.

While trying to cross the highway in Ecuador, this poor lil' sloth got scared by the big, fast-moving cars and decided to cling to a guardrail for safety. Unfortunately, this left him totally stranded, and there was no escape in sight.

Luckily for the tree-hugger, Ecuadorian transit police came to the critter's rescue. Luckily for us, they posted pictures of it.

Check it out below and try not to die from cuteness overload.

The transit police spotted this poor little sloth stranded in the middle of the highway.


At first, the sloth was a little wary of the humans.


But soon, he warmed up to 'em and was ready to go back into the forest.


And he was the HAPPIEST SLOTH EVER. The end.


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