Bridget McCartney

Single Girl's Bitter Holiday Cards Spreads Christmas Cheer

If legends never die, I hereby pronounce Bridget McCartney immortal.

While some people decide to live out their singlehood in miserable silence, Bridget really grabs it by the horns and shoves it in everyone's face in the most hilarious way possible.

How is that, you ask? By making the most baller holiday cards you've ever seen.

In an interview with Buzzfeed last year, she explained her inspiration behind the cards. All four of her siblings were married and she was the last single one left In their family holiday card.

The following year, she told Buzzfeed, her parents decided to send out a holiday card without her. And that's when genius struck.

She said in the same interview, "Acting as the youngest child, I threw a fit and decided to do my own to get back at all of them."

And, boy, did she show them.

Allow me to introduce you to the greatest holiday cards that have ever come into existance.

2010: Bridget chugging wine out of the bottle alone by the fire place.

Bridget McCartney

2011: Photos of Bridget at a tea party with her stuffed animals new family.

Bridget McCartney

2012: Five Bridgets enjoying a dinner party.

Bridget McCartney

2013: Bridget passed out in a forest wearing a Santa hat and jammies.

Bridget McCartney

2014: Bridget has a boyfriend!! She found love!! Oh wait...

Bridget McCartney

2015: Bridget gets a wine-loving chicken.

Jackie Willome Photography

2016: In this year's card, Bridget straight-up tells it like it is.

Jackie Willome Photography

I think that one was the best one yet.

No matter what your favorite is, you have to admit these rocked.

Bridget seems like a really nice girl and I had to talk to her to get permission to use these pics (yes, you guys, I spoke to a living legend) but I honestly hope she never finds love because I NEVER WANT THESE CARDS TO END.

OK, just kidding. I hope she finds love. But I hope love doesn't stop her from creating equally hilarious cards.

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