Pouring Salt Into Cheap Wine Makes It Taste Better

Let's face it: When you're in your 20s, there's no room in your wallet to buy an expensive bottle of wine.

So, instead of splurging on the good stuff, we've resorted to spending the dwindling dollars left in our paychecks on shitty, cheap variations of reds and whites... even the boxed kind.

At this point, we've trained our tastebuds to accept the fact what we're drinking is "good," even if it actually tastes like watered down grape juice with a side of excruciating headache.

If you're on the same, sad, cheap wine diet as me, I have fabulous news for you.

According to MailOnline, a miraculous discovery has been made that proves adding salt to your cheap wine will make it taste expensive.

Um... did I mention I love salt?!

Apparently, Nathan Myrhvold -- a wine connoisseur and technology officer at Microsoft -- made the shocking conclusion while sipping on a cheap glass of Cabernet.

He wished it tasted better and decided to add some salt to it. I mean, it works on French fries, so why not try it on wine, right?

Shockingly, it worked.

He told The Wall Street Journal about his discovery and claimed adding a few grains of salt to cheap wine helped even out the unbalanced flavors.

And now, it's time to round up the salt boxes (and the cheap wine).

After adding salt to his bev and transforming his wine from drab to fab, he reportedly told all his friends about the discovery he made.

And now, they've followed his lead and add salt to their wine to make it taste better.

I think if I told my friends to add salt to their wine, they'd think I was crazy. But hey, that won't stop me from bringing a box to the bar during happy hour.

Now, if only I could take #SaltBae on a date so he could sprinkle the salt into my wine for me.