This Sexy Norwegian Navy Officer Will Actually Make Your Ovaries Explode

Take an average-looking guy, put him in uniform and you've got a major hottie on your hands. Take a super sexy guy, put him in uniform and now you've got an ovary exploder on the loose.

Such is the case with Norwegian Navy officer Lasse L. Matberg, a 30-year-old lieutenant in the Royal Norwegian Navy who, at 6'6" tall, is the definition of a hunk. To be completely honest, he's probably not of this world.

Here are the sexiest pics from his Instagram, but beware as you scroll: Your brain and, eh hem, nether regions may not be able to handle it.

Chop me off a piece of that.

The hair of Fabio plus the face of Thor equals absolute perfection.

You had me at Pomeranian.

Putting all other man buns to shame.

But does he have a six-pack? Hah...

He can pull off an infinity scarf for Christ's sake.

And his memes are on point.

Have your ovaries exploded yet? This best thing to do is call 911 and explain the situation.

With a face like that, I'm sure it happens all the time.

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