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Guy Mistakes Sex Noises For GF's Fart Fetish And Regrets It


It's always funny to hear what people assume about sex before they start having it.

I remember being a kid and my friend telling me a blowjob was when you blew on the penis. I was like "That doesn't sound correct," but I was in fifth grade -- who was I to question someone a little bit older and a little bit wiser than me?

Guys always say they assume the vagina is "further up" than it is, which I guess kind of makes sense?

But this is a new one. One Redditor, AskMeAboutMyTie, didn't know what a queef was.

Now, queefs, or"vaginal flatulence" (if you want me to stop giggling) are a totally normal occurrence. It happens when air gets trapped in the vagina and it is expelled. This happens a lot during sex.

But if you're an 18-year-old boy, you probably don't know that.

AskMeAboutMyTie writes,

To be fair, I'm not sure a sibling or a parent giving the talk would bring up queefs. It's just something that happens, and it's usually pretty forgettable.

Then, the misunderstanding begins...

He continues,

NOOOOO. Not even your friends know what a queef is?? They assume it's her fetish?!

Now, if she actually had a fart fetish, I'm sure this would have been super... romantic?

Sadly, she did not. He writes,

This is exactly the appropriate reaction to someone farting on your face and then saying, "That's all for you, babe."

There is, however, a happy ending.

Love works in mysterious ways.

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