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This Senior Dog Sanctuary Will Warm Your Heart... And Then Some (Photos)


As you may know, senior rescue dogs have the hardest time finding homes because of their short life expectancies and unknown medical costs. (Are you weeping yet?) One Tennessee sanctuary, "Old Friends," is trying to put an end to that by taking in all types of senior dogs -- especially those with medical problems and disabilities.

The Old Friends Facebook page lets you meet all the adorable senior dogs living it up at the sanctuary where, according to their tagline, "love never grows old." From pugs to golden retrievers and everything in between, these dogs are getting the love and attention they most definitely deserve.

Take a look at these choice posts and be warned: It is really too heartwarming for words.

You know Gertrude is the one to be playing bridge and sipping gin all day, err day.

Best buddies 4 lyfe.

OMG Leo! What a baller.

Best. Day. Ever.

I'm with you on the snow, Sharky.

Does it get any better than a pug bucket?!

Captain Ron is the biggest badass of the bunch, hands down.

Find your new best friend or volunteer to chill with some furry buddies at a shelter near you.

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