These Secret Apps Will Show You Every Time Your Ex Stalks Your Instagram

by Harley Tamplin

You don't need me to tell you that your ex can't get enough of your Instagram.

It's rare they like your posts, but there's no doubt they love a good old stalk to remind them of when their life was SO much better (because they were dating you, champ).

The thing is, apart from liking photos, there hasn't been a way of knowing exactly who is looking at your profile.



There are bunch of secret apps that give a really deep insight into who is checking you out, though these aren't affiliated with Instagram.

You can try out the likes of InstaReport, Social Track and Social Fans, which let you know who has looked at your profile, among other features. Here's what InstaReport looks like:


The tragic part is that you'll probably have to make in-app purchases or start a subscription to get the really juicy data.

And though many reviews of the three apps are positive, it's hard to really know how accurate the data they're giving you is.


If you're considering downloading one of the three, all of which are free on the iOS App Store, do your homework first — check out the reviews and consider if it's worth paying to have confirmation that your ex is stalking you on Insta.

They can be expensive, unreliable and are a little shady —so you're lucky that Instagram Stories is here to save the day.


The feature, which lets grammers post more than one image or video together as a story, lets you know who has watched it, just like Snapchat.


To do this, tap on the story and look for the eyeball image, then engage stalker mode.

Sadly, this beautiful addition is only for Stories and not ordinary posts — for now, at least.