Did Someone Just Find A Sea Monster Using Google Earth?


In a video that has terrified millions since it was posted last month, one conspiracy theorist shows via Google Earth what looks like an enormous sea monster rising for air in the ocean near Antartica.

Using Google Earth to measure the strange sighting, Scott C Waring (who shared the video on the website, UFO Sightings Daily) estimates the "creature" to be huge, saying,

The Kraken?? Is our new reality constantly fearing touching toes with a giant, prehistoric squid monster while swimming in the ocean?! Perhaps.

There are other theories as to what this thing could be, as an author on the UFO Sightings site pointed out,

So, just to summarize, we're either dealing with a massive sea monster or an alien living at the bottom of the sea. Oh joy.

To see the freaky images and decide for yourself what they could be, watch the video above. Good luck swimming in any large body of water this summer.

Elite Daily on YouTube

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