Sleeping In This Position May Actually Be The Reason You Have Nightmares

Sleeping on your left side could be causing your bizarre recurring dreams about being chased through Times Square by a bloodthirsty version of Splinter from the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles."

A 2004 study that recently gained traction found more left-side sleepers experience nightmares than right-side sleepers.

Though small scale, the study monitored the sleep of subjects with ages ranging from 19 to 60 to try and determine the sources of bad dreams.

Here's a breakdown of the study by the numbers:

63 = Total number of people examined in this study

41 = Number of people examined who sleep on their right sides

22 = Number of people examined who sleep on their left sides

15 = Percentage of right-side sleepers who reported having nightmares

41 = Percentage of left-side sleepers who reported having nightmares

Granted, 63 subjects make for a tiny sample when considering the population as a whole, but anyone experiencing chronic nightmares can switch up his or her sleeping position when efforts like dream-journaling just don't cut it.

Perhaps flipping to the right side will inspire a dream where Splinter cooks dinner and exacts justice on anyone who posted "Star Wars" spoilers.

Either way, it's worth a try.

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