'Santa Cams' Are This Year's Holiday Decoration Trend

Holidays are right around the corner, which means it's time to scare the shit out of little kids.

Ha, I'm sorry... Let me rephrase that.

This year, people are decorating for Christmas by installing fake cameras around the house called "Santa cams" to make their children think Santa is watching their each and every move, Metro reports.

Honestly, it's creepy AF.


A majority of the Santa cams are in the form of ornaments, where a lens is painted in the middle of the globe next to a little red dot mimicking a "recording" light.

The ornaments are especially popular amongst parents who hope to ensure good behavior from their young ones by hanging them around the house.

The Santa cams are deceivingly cute, but they're making me really uncomfortable.


If I were a kid, I certainly wouldn't want to be under Santa's radar 24/7. But with these fake cameras, there's no escape from the icy eyes of the North Pole.

In fact, this whole Santa cam trend is bringing terrifying flashbacks from "The Elf on the Shelf" days.

Remember the elf's beady little eyes that seemingly followed each and every move you made around Christmastime?

Yeah... What a stalker, right?

He wasn't festive. He was frightening.


To make matters scarier, people have already begun combining the Elf on the Shelf with Santa cams and are essentially turning their homes into Christmas boot camps.

Would you want to live in a home under "elf surveillance" with Santa cameras?


I digress.

It's been reported Santa cams are also popular amongst teachers who have hopes of controlling their classrooms around the holidays.

Apparently, they're using the ornaments to lie to their kids about being watched by Santa Claus in the classroom.

OK, classrooms are one thing. I don't blame the teachers for wanting to calm their students down around the chaos of the holiday season.

But hanging these fake cameras around your home is just plain creepy and is probably giving your kids Christmas-themed nightmares.


Call me Scrooge, but I think this decoration should definitely be kept in the closet this holiday season.

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