'The Saddest Dog In The World' Will Break Your Heart

This is the story of a dog who was loved and left.

When she was just 5-and-a-half months old, Lana was adopted.

Sadly, after one year, Lana has found herself at the shelter once again.

The mixed breed pup was utterly crushed after being left by her adoptive family. The photo below of "The Saddest Dog In The World" went viral when the rescue, Mighty Mutts, asked for an urgent foster to take Lana in.


Dahlia Ayoub of Mighty Mutts told The Dodo,

She just shut down. It's almost like her world shut down.

Lana was one in a litter of at least 10 puppies, where she learned to compete for her food. As a result, Lana established some guarding issues with food around unfamiliar people, which were worked on and not present at the time of her adoption.

Ayoub says "Lana was terrified of everything" as a puppy, but describes her as a "silly, sweet" dog.

The family who adopted Lana noticed the lab mix starting to exhibit some of her guarding behaviors again. Although Lana never bit a child, the family with children became concerned when Lana snapped at the mother, and they returned her to the rescue center.

After she returned to the shelter, Lana would only come out of her kennel for two specific people in order to eat, walk and destress.

It's safe to say this pup was absolutely heartbroken.

But, in a bit of good news this week, Lana will start her training program with Mighty Mutts in order to correct her guarding issues, while she continues her stay in a foster home where her spirits are climbing every day!


Lana is a lovable and playful pup in familiar environments, who loves to go hiking and also does well when left home alone.

She is available for adoption in Ontario, Canada from Rescue Dogs Match.

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