Ryan Lochte Wished His Dog A Happy 8th Birthday 3 Years In A Row


So, apparently, Ryan Lochte's dog is immortal or something.

If you pay enough attention to his weird life, you'll know that around this time every year he wishes his pet a happy birthday.

October 23 was that day. Lochte posted a celebratory tweet about his best friend as he has done for the past few years.

It initially read,

However, an edited version of the tweet showed the years had been changed from eight to nine:


Why is this important? Because last year it was "eight years ago" as well:


And if that isn't mind-boggling enough, Carter was apparently celebrating his eighth birthday back in October 2014 as well.


Oh Ryan, you confusing mess of a human.

So how old is this pooch? The truth is, no one knows. Maybe Carter doesn't even exist. It's possible the dog is just another figment of his imagination to join the big archive of lies inside his head (filed right next to the gunpoint robbery in Rio).

We have many questions, but we doubt Ryan can provide the answers, so I guess we'll just put this down to his being terrible at math.


Twitter picked up on the anomaly last night and made a story about it under the headline, "Ryan Lochte's dog has discovered time travel." Someone wrote,

We're so sorry Carter got caught up in Ryan's web of lies. It just goes to show no one is safe from his deceit — not even animals.

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