Mom Can't Keep A Straight Face After Teacher Throws Away Daughter's Pet Snails

It was a dark day for this little girl, who brought her pet snails into school. A very dark day.

The student from Derby, England left her shell-wearing friends, Anna and Elsa, out to roam free by the sink in the back of her classroom.

Her assistant teacher, having not been properly introduced to the new guests, mistakenly thought they were just any ordinary old snails that had found their way in from the playground.

So, she accidentally crushed the student's entire world by throwing them out the window.

The little girl couldn't -- ahem -- let it go. In fact, she was so upset, her mom had to pick her up from school early.

Once they got home, mom sent a message to her other daughter, Shauna, warning her to be nice about what had happened. But they both struggled to keep it together in a string of hilarious texts. Take a look:


Shauna posted the exchange on Twitter, writing,

My little sister took her pet snails to school ffs me and my mum are howling.

Naturally, it's been making the internet giggle ever since.

RIP Anna and Elsa.

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