Drinking Wine Helps 105-Year-Old Stay Young

Eileen Ash is 105 years young.

But you wouldn't be able to tell, especially if you watch her stretch during one of her yoga classes. And yoga is very much part of the reason she's been able to stay so fit at her age

In the video interview below, Ash says,

It helps your brain because you have to think and it improves your muscles. You know, you just feel fit.

But there's another secret to Ash's success: There's eating healthy, of course. And then there's drinking wine, like, lots of it.

The birthday girl, who officially turns 105 on Sunday, told BBC she drinks two glasses of red wine a day, and that secret sure seems to be working.


When asked whether she wakes up with any aches or pains, Ash said,

Not yet, when I'm older, I will apparently, but what is old?

"Old" is nothing, apparently, to this wonder woman. According to BBC, Ash has been doing yoga for over 30 years, which would mean she picked it up around the tender age of 75.


And don't think for a second she gets driven around whenever she needs to go anywhere. Nah, this is an independent woman, and she drives her own car: a bright yellow Mini Cooper that she bought for herself when she was 90.

She told ITV,

I love driving, being free and being on four wheels going where I want to go.
HelenBlnwx on YouTube

Ash also happens to be a former cricket player for England's national team, which she represented for over a decade beginning in the 1930s.

That was clearly a long time ago, but time is nothing to Eileen. She said,

I'd like to know when I'm going to be old. Do you think it will be when I'm 105?

Yeah, that probably won't do it.

Basically, Eileen's an all-around boss (who loves red wine just like the rest of us). Now we just need to see what would happen if she drank green wine.

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