You Don't Really Know What Swag Is Until You See This 'Rich Kids Of China' Instagram

You may remember a bunch of gun-toting, champagne-drinking rich kids of Russia whooping it up on Instagram, but Chinese rich kids have decided to take it up a notch.

According to the purveyor of all things rich kids, BroBible, Russian rich kids can't even compete with the rich kids of China. Something tells me they really know how to knock it out of the park (despite the fact that their economy has slowed significantly in the past few months).

Whatever! Grab an orange mocha frappuccino and follow along while we live vicariously and forget for a brief moment that we're actually all broke AF.

When you match your car to your leggings because it'll be so random...

This should go without saying, but chihuahuas deserve their own Hermès bags.

What time is it? Time to stare at my expensive watch. Oooh, a Ferrari!

Chill in a yacht because how else are you going to kill time?

Pink is known to convey three things: money, class and more money.

And you aren't really rich until you have a crew of scantily clad ladies! #SquadGoals

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