Cheers To This: People Are Now Drinking Way More Whiskey Than Vodka

The world has spoken: In the great vodka vs. whiskey debate, whiskey wins — by a landslide.

According to a new report by The Wall Street Journal, whiskey — in particular, American-made bourbons and Tennessee whiskey — found its place among Millennial drinkers. Apparently, Millennials are ditching the clear liquor in favor of the more flavorful stuff.

The younger generation may not be the only one to blame as the data doesn't specify drinkers' ages, but a Millennial preference for whiskey simply makes the most sense. Our generation is a craft generation.

Makers take pride in their products, and consumers favor the artful to the simple (the ever-growing craft beer industry demonstrates this well). Whiskey, more nuanced than vodka, appeals to our obsessions with the handcrafted.

Plus, let's be real: The amber-hued liquor makes for way more flavorful cocktails than vodka, a glorified rubbing alcohol.

Stateside, whiskey sales reportedly jumped 2.7 percent in the past year while vodka sales dropped approximately 0.3 percent.

This trend holds globally as well: Between 2010 and 2014, whiskey sales shot up an impressive 17 percent and sales of vodka cases fell around 2 percent, according to IWSR, a wine and sprits information database.

The loss of interest in vodka hasn't hurt manufacturers too badly yet, but industry analysts said vodka sales are slowing.

Fortunately for vodka producers, there'll always be Russia.

Read the full report at WSJ.

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