Vodka Or Whiskey? How Your Drink Of Choice Reflects The Woman You Are

by Gigi Engle

When it comes to liquor, a girl will go one of two ways: She can drink the clear stuff, or the dark stuff; she can go with vodka, or go with whiskey.

Now, whether you choose vodka or whiskey says a lot about you.

While most girls might be easily pegged for “vodka” drinkers, it doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with that. You’re not a basic bitch just because you choose vodka. You just want something smooth.

A whiskey girl might be more on the unusual side, more conditioned to the unique, not exactly a poster child for the more traditional, feminine aspects of the stereotypical female character.

But, she is also rough around the edges, a little difficult to cope with and a lot to handle.

A vodka-drinking girl is the life of the party; a whiskey drinking girl is the one with the stories. Both women are interesting; both are special, charismatic and never fail to grasp your attention.

They just have two different ways of looking at and interacting with the world. They have two different kinds of liquor running through their veins, lighting them up or toning them down; making them dance or putting them at ease.

There are two kinds of women in this alcohol-drenched world: whiskey girls and vodka girls.

There are girls who are into being girly, and there are girls who are more rugged. It’s just the way women work; it’s the way women relate to themselves and to society.

Some are comfortable with stereotypes, and they own them. Others prefer to be outside of those norms, rejecting the confines laid out before them.

And, when it comes to these women -- clear liquor women and brown liquor women -- they will attract two different types of men. They will have boyfriends on different ends of the male spectrum.

A whiskey drinker is most adept at interacting with men who enjoy good conversation and an air of mystery, as opposed to a vodka drinker, who finds herself surrounded by guys who drive Escalades and vacation in the Riviera.

There is so much about a woman that makes her, her own person, and yet, there will always be an “either or.”

You have to choose between two extremes in life; one has to fit slightly better than the other.

A girl is mysterious, or she is an open book. A girl can light up a room; another sets it aglow. Women are all different, but it’s their prerogative to choose one team or the other.

Which woman are you? The vodka drinker, or the whiskey drinker?

Vodka drinkers are the life of the party; whiskey drinkers would rather keep to themselves.

Vodka drinkers watch romantic comedies; whiskey drinkers prefer documentaries.

Vodka drinkers fit in with anyone; whiskey drinkers are deeply spiritual.

Vodka drinkers dance at clubs; whiskey drinkers sip neats at jazz bars.

Vodka drinkers see the beauty in all things; whiskey drinkers seek out the drama.

Vodka drinkers play the game; whiskey drinkers don’t have time for games.

Vodka drinkers take selfies; whiskey drinkers take punches.

Vodka drinkers love to talk; whiskey drinkers love to think.

Vodka drinkers fit the mold; whiskey drinkers break the mold.

Vodka drinkers wear sequins, whiskey drinkers wear black.

Vodka drinkers are pretty in pink; whiskey drinkers are nitty-gritty.

Vodka drinkers are easy-going; whiskey drinkers can be hard to handle.

Vodka drinkers are everyone’s cup of tea; whiskey drinkers are too cool for everyone.

Vodka drinkers wear their hearts on their sleeves; whiskey drinkers are mysterious.

Vodka drinkers are sweet; whiskey drinkers are bold.

Vodka drinkers see things clearly; whiskey drinkers prefer it dark.

Vodka drinkers are emotional; whiskey drinkers are hardened.

Vodka drinkers start fights; whiskey drinkers end fights.

Vodka drinkers fly by the seat of their pants; whiskey drinkers go with the flow.

Vodka drinkers chase boys; whiskey drinkers let the boys come to them.

Vodka drinkers are big on trends; whiskey drinkers have their own classic style.

Vodka drinkers believe in the afterlife; whiskey drinkers know there is only death.

Vodka drinkers are a breath of fresh air; whiskey drinkers are old-world charm.

Vodka drinkers mix well with others; whiskey drinkers do well on their own.

Vodka drinkers play poker; whiskey drinkers play chess.

Vodka drinkers are drunk criers; whiskey drinkers keep their sh*t together.

Vodka drinkers are like bright colors; whiskey drinkers are like dark velvet.

Vodka drinkers could be happy anywhere; whiskey drinkers are more comfortable at home.

Vodka drinkers are bearably cheap; whiskey drinkers only get by with a generous tab.

Vodka drinkers are into music; whiskey drinkers are into books.

Vodka drinkers dance on the tables; whiskey drinkers dance in the limelight.

Vodka drinkers are girly-girls; whiskey drinkers prefer the company of men.