Reddit Trolls Successfully Got This Girl Banned From 20 Percent Of The US

Casey Nocket, a graffiti artist, was just banned from all national parks and "federally administered land." As The guardian points out, "that's more than 20 percent of the US."

Her crime? She decided it would be a fun, cool, arty thing to go around vandalizing rocks in at least six national parks and then post her work on Instagram and Tumblr.

You know, like how Bansky always posts about the illegal stuff he does on his social media accounts while referencing his real name. Like that.

She was caught after Reddit users tracked her down. Internet Justice is alive and well.

She deleted her Instagram account, because of course, but one of her paintings was uploaded to Imgur.


Yeah, I know. It's kind of cool. But she should stick to non-federally protected nature.

Plus, she used acrylic paint, which is notoriously difficult to clean.

"Creepytings," which appears under each one of her works, is also the name of her Tumblr and Instagram — because, apparently, she wanted to get caught really badly.

The anger around her behavior snowballed and got incredibly heated. At one point, her home address was posted. Once again, Reddit can be both the policeman and simultaneously the bully of the internet.

She especially angered the hiker community, who have a strong attachment took these parks. screen-shotted many of her Instagram posts before they were taken down.


Apart from being banned from all these parks, she was given 200 hours of community service and has to write a formal apology to the National Park Service, which is sort of hilarious.

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