13 People Reveal The Insane Crimes They've Committed Recently

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When it comes to obeying the law, nobody's perfect. Maybe you've "California rolled" through a stop sign or two, or maybe you ~accidentally~ left your serving job tips off your tax return. And, let's be real, there's a 100 percent chance you've jaywalked at some point in your life.

But who are the real lawbreakers we need to be worried about? Luckily, we have a pretty solid list of suspects after _not_the_police asked Reddit users on Monday,

What was your most recent crime?

Boy oh boy, y'all better watch yourselves because there some badass motherf*ckers out there.

Look out, Kujo's on the loose.

And lived to tell the tale?!

"Or whatever." What a gangster.

I hear they have great WiFi in prison.

THC extract is street lingo for crack cocaine.

This dude is clearly from Michigan... Or Kanye.

When you're a criminal, you've always got to be one step ahead.


They always say Cadbury Creme Eggs are the gateway to crime.

Mrpoodlekins gives no f*cks.

This is the modern equivalent of treason.

Honestly, not seeing the problem with this.

Remember, crimes ALWAYS have consequences.