Jacqui Miller

Guy Reveals What It's Like To Have A GF With 2 Vaginas -- Yep, That's A Thing

Fact: Some women have two vaginas. Deal with it.

There's a guy on Reddit who happily boasts about his girlfriend's dual private parts under an "Ask Me Anything" thread.

It's been around for three years, but it has recently regained popularity.

And it's no wonder why: The urban legend is as interesting as it is glorious.

Let's look back at some of the most important questions that have been asked on this thread:

Q: When did you find out about her condition? Sorry if this has been answered in the previous post.

A: Well, before we started dating, she mentioned she had two of something most girls don't. After a couple of minutes of guessing, I finally figured it out. It was an interesting conversation.

Q: What were your thoughts when you found out about your girlfriend's "condition?"

A: This sounds fun.

Q: Do they each curve off to a side? Like, when you have sex, does your penis point off to either side of her body?

A: It's not noticeable.

Q: When fingering your significant other, do you have a finger in one pussy and another finger in the other pussy?

A: I love the way you approached that question with such delicacy. Haha but yes, that's how it goes down after an inch of being inside her.

Q: How does it feel knowing there are thousands of guys prodding your girlfriend about her vagina?

A: It cracks me up, and makes me feel pretty good.

Q: These questions are kind of hard to ask without sounding dirty. Since she prefers the right, how do you aim for one vagina?

A: No worries, sounding dirty is a part of the ball game of talking about stuff like this. I switch it up between long thrusts and short ones. I just try to keep it aimed toward the right. Sometimes, it can just be difficult to get into the left one.

Q: Are there any other fun things about her?

A: Fun as in how? In general, I mean, yeah. She's fun. She constantly kicks my ass in putt-putt golf.