Here's Why Some People Can Hold Their Liquor Better Than Others

by Anna Menta

Here's another thing I can blame on the patriarchy: passing out at the Dallas BBQ table after one drink last weekend.

Unsurprisingly, there are a few reasons some people, like me, are lightweights while others can knock back seven beers and still drive you home.

(JK, definitely DO NOT get in that car.)

According to a report by the BBC, gender is definitely a factor. Women tend to feel the effects of alcohol more strongly than men do because, on average, women have higher percentages of body fat, which doesn't really help absorb alcohol much.

If you're older, you also might struggle with handling your booze because you have less water in your body than someone younger.

Less water means a higher concentration of alcohol in your system, leading to feeling the effects of the alcohol much quicker.

The same logic applies if you have a smaller body; less blood in your system means less dilution of the tequila shots you took.

So, what I'm getting from this is when I'm a small, old lady, I'll basically be screwed when it comes to handling my liquor.

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