Rapper Hilariously Live-Tweets From Jail, Claims He's 'Too Sexy' For Prison

So apparently, people can casually live-tweet their arrests these days.

It sounds like Theophilus London was running from a taxi in New York City when he was caught by police and taken down to the local jail.

The police obviously didn't take away his phone while they were booking him because he posted on Twitter about how he was wearing expensive Dior jeans.

This makes him far too sexy for jail life.

But, things started to get too real for Theo.

Now it's time for the mug shot.

Theophilus does look pretty sexy, to be fair. His eyes are piercing my soul right now.

It turns out Theo stole his taxi driver's phone after they argued over breaking a one hundred-dollar bill.

He got chased by an officer and arrested before he had time to buy a movie ticket and hide among the big comfy seats.

You said it, Theo.

So after all that, Theophilus London leaves with a mug shot and big love from the police officers.

This is how you get arrested in style. What a baller.

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