Rapper's Video Of A Pancake Is Going Viral Because It's So Annoying It Hurts

UGH, UGH, UGH. This godforsaken un-flipped pancake will ruin your day over and over again.

Mystikal, a rapper from New Orleans, thought it would be funny to post a suspenseful video of a pancake cooking on a stovetop for all his Facebook fans to see.

Needless to say, a lot of people watched -- 17 million, to be exact -- and they were PISSED.

The video, titled "You won't believe what's on the other side of this pancake," is an unsatisfying loop of batter cooking on a frying pan. It has no real ending.


It leaves you waiting in suspense to find out what's going to be revealed on the other side of the pancake... because that's important, right?

So you watch, and you watch, and you keep watching.

Then, BOOM: The video ends, and the pancake never flips.

This is so weirdly painful. Now, my entire day feels thrown off... all because of a damn pancake.

Apparently, it ruined Mystikal's day too. He posted the clip with the caption "HOW," along with a flushed face emoji.

You're a tricky one, boy.

Regardless of whether he was trying to fool us or share his confusion, his fans went along with the joke. They shared the torturous video with their friends, hoping that they would experience the agony of the un-flipped pancake as well.