This Purse That Doubles As A Secret Wine Holder Is Absolutely Everything


Okay, ladies (and really badass dudes), it's about time you put your summer drinking game in gear and get yourself one of these dope wine-dispensing bags. With a secret compartment that holds one full bottle of wine, this bag will beat an Hermes any day of the week.

Thanks to Uncommon Goods, your brand new "Wine Dispensing Travel Tote" will likely solve not just your summer problems -- but the entire world's problems.

Got a family BBQ that sounds about as fun as a root canal? Fill up that traveling wine tote, girl. Crammed in the backseat of a van on a ten-hour drive to some lake? Take a sip from that purse -- no one's looking. Did your summer romance just go from "The Notebook" to "Shutter Island"? Nothing a bag full of wine can't fix!

One reviewer in Idaho who goes by Happy Sipper said of the bag,

If buying doubles of something you like is uniquely American, then Happy Sipper is the definition of a patriot. Lastered gave an equally stellar review, writing,

At a cost of $129.95, the purse isn't as affordable as your basic Forever 21 beach tote. That being said, it has ample room for the "holding needs of a female" -- aka an economy-size box of Cheez-Its -- so I'd say it's definitely worth it.

You can buy a wine-dispensing tote of your own right off the Uncommon Goods website. And while you really shouldn't drink before a first date, there's no harm in keeping some handy in your purse, right?

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