This GF Loves This Puppy More Than The Guy Proposing To Her


If someone gave me the option of a beautiful, perfectly cut diamond ring, that once belonged to their grandmother, was past down from generation to generation meaning an insurmountable amount to their family, or a puppy... I'm gonna go with that puppy.

But this soon-to-be-bride got both.

Back in February, the most romantic man in the world, Christopher LoNigro, gathered his girlfriend Alishia Olivieri's family at her dad's home in Port Jefferson Station, New York.

It was there, he popped the question.


At the time, Alishia thought they were going to her father's for Sunday family dinner, which they do every few weeks. She said,

I was so overwhelmed and shocked before I even saw the puppy. I was shaking just from the surprise proposal in front of all my loved ones. But when I saw that little fluffball my heart nearly exploded.

When Christopher was growing up, his family had a collie, so he and Alishia always wanted to add one to their family too.

Alishia and Christopher are childhood sweethearts, but first he was just her best friend's older brother. By middle school, they had a crush on each other. He was even her first boyfriend and first kiss.

But kids grow up, and those relationships end.

The families always kept in touch though. Alishia added,

We ended up reconnecting when I saw him at his stepfather's funeral, unfortunately. I always knew the bond they had was very strong, and my heart really broke to see him mourning that loss. I ended up reaching out to him to let him know I was there for him if he needed anything, and from there our relationship just grew.
Huffington Post

In December 2015, they welcomed their daughter, Aria, to their family. Their wedding is set for May 2018.

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