These Three Brothers Getting A Puppy For Christmas Will Warm Your Heart (Video)


Every child in the history of childhood has, at some point, asked Santa Claus for a puppy for Christmas.

Few of us, sadly, every got that puppy. But these lucky brothers did.

In the video above, three brothers discover a gift-wrapped package, addressed to them, waiting on their doorstep.

Curious, since Christmas is still weeks away, they bring the box inside to open it. As they peel back the layers of the wrapping paper, it becomes apparent: This isn't just any gift; this is the gift. A puppy!

Big brother smiles, middle brother laughs and little brother becomes so overcome by emotion, he bursts into tears while clutching the tiny furball.

This is what the holidays are all about: making your family happy (and getting them pets. Hint, hint, Mom).

Watch the heart-meltingly cute video up top.

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