Pumpkin Spice Oreos Are The Perfect Fall Snack For Everyone With A Sweet Tooth

by Collette Reitz

Another fall, another season filled with pumpkin spice goodness. There's no denying that it's the flavor of the season, and that it finds its way into everything. But, honestly, even if you're not throwing every PSL you're sippin' up on your Instagram, you know you're low-key here for it -- especially if you have a sweet tooth. Well, get ready to satisfy every craving you get from now until December, because your fave sandwich cookie just released their seasonal treat. This one will have you searching where to buy pumpkin spice Oreos immediately, because you'll want them in your life all autumn long.

Now, Oreo has released a pumpkin spice cookie before -- but this year, they switched up the packaging. You'll notice that the pumpkin you saw last year (as you kept going back for just one more cookie) has been replaced by a slice of pie. Don't panic. The inside is still the delicious pumpkin spice-flavored creme that draws you into the cookie aisle. FYI, no pies were harmed in the creation of your midnight snack. The cookies holding in all that fall-flavored goodness are still the vanilla version of the iconic treat. You can buy them at Target -- where they're exclusively on shelves now.

So, get your 2 percent, almond, or soy milk ready because you're going to need it once you start dunking your autumnal guilty pleasure.

Keep your eyes peeled for this package.

While you're snacking away, you might remember that Oreo's slogan is "Milk's Favorite Cookie." Cute and catchy, right? You usually find yourself reaching for a cold glass of the stuff while you're noshing, so it makes sense.

As it turns out, there may even be science involved as to why you find yourself gulping a glass of milk right after you've eaten a cookie. Instead of just swigging away without explanation, researchers at Indiana Public Media's A Moment of Science got to work studying the reason behind it -- beyond just being a delicious way to wash down your cookie.

Not too shockingly, sugar is a big reason why you find yourself needing to quench your thirst -- more specifically, the way that the sugar interacts with your body. According to the study, “Particles of salt or sugar are absorbed into the bloodstream soon after we eat them.” So, as soon as you bite down on your fave cookie, the process starts. Then, sugar (salt has the same effect as well) acts as a water thief.

The study states,

As they circulate through the body, the particles act like little siphons, pulling water out of our body cells. The cells notice the change right away, and they don't like it, so they try to hold in water, and send chemical messengers to alert the brain.

Essentially, you're just really parched and in desperate need of any liquid. The drawback of imbibing milk is that you're not fully hydrating yourself (even if it is the most delicious complement to a cookie that you've ever experienced). To fully replenish the lost hydration, you'll want to suck down some water, boring as it may be. Hey, it's a good excuse to finally use that adorable gold-plated water bottle that's been living in your kitchen cabinet since the day you bought it. Plus, it will totally go with all of your fall outfits.

So, as you leave the house making a beeline to the grocery store to pick up all the Pumpkin Spice Oreos your bank account will allow, grab that water bottle and hydrate in preparation of the impressive Oreo consumption that'll go down when your besties come over for the inaugural scary movie marathon of the season.