Pug Puppy’s Eyes Can't Stop Rolling Back During First Bath

Whenever I give my dog a bath, he acts like it's the end of the world.

As a matter of fact, the only way I can get him to stay still by having another person distract him while I scrub him down.

At this point, you'd probably think I'm talking about a 70-pound German shepherd... NOPE!

He's just a tiny 10-pound Yorkie and he hates bathtime.

I wish there were a well-behaved pup out there who could effectively teach him how bathtime should be done... It'd be kind of like an episode of "Beyond Scared Straight" but for dogs.

Thanks to one little pug puppy filmed bathing in Cascavel, Parana, Brazil, there just might be hope!

A minute-long video is going viral and is NOT hard to see why. During the video, which was originally shared on Twitter by the "Today Show," we're introduced to a chill pug puppy being bathed in complete bliss.

He basically looked like this when it was over.

I've honestly never seen a dog be more relaxed than this little fur baby right here... Have you?

The video begins with the pug's eyes already rolling all the way back.


Just a few seconds later, his eyes are totally shut.


He's in HEAVEN.


Am I jealous? Abso-fucking-lutely.


Better yet, wouldn't you want to feel like this every second of your life?!


I know I would...

So far, the video has managed to rack up over 60,000 views on YouTube in under 24 hours. I'm pretty sure half of those views are from me alone. I mean, there's NO WAY you can watch this video just once.

On top of that, I'd like to think this video is kind of therapeutic. If you're having a rough day, just load this up and let all of your pains, worries and heartaches wash away one scrub at a time!

Check out the full video below.

Now that's what true happiness looks like, people.

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