Guy's Proposal To Girlfriend At Painting Party Was Adorable


Man, I'm starting to think that the only engagement I'll experience is audience engagement. (That's you, hey there.)

For Corinne Larsen, September 3 was just another date night with her boyfriend of seven years, but Brandon Scully was about to change that.

He took Corinne to a group painting and wine class, Painting with a Twist, in Jacksonville, Florida and decided to pop the big question.

Corinne Larsen

They were first set on doing dinner and the painting class, but they had to cancel because they were running late. That didn't deter Brandon though.

Corrine told The Huffington Post,

The instructor told the class that they would be playing games throughout, but Brandon had already planned ahead with the teacher.

If your name was drawn from a bucket, you won the prize.

Naturally, Corrine's name was called and the prize was hers -- a painting that read, "Will you marry me?"

Then, Brandon got down on one knee and proposed.


Corrine said,

The newly engaged couple met in 2009 while working at a Pizza Hut. She was a waitress, and he worked delivery.

It wasn't until she asked him for a ride, so she wouldn't have to find parking, to a Fourth of July fireworks show that they really talked however.

Corrine Larsen

Corrine said,

While Corinne lives in Boston and Brandon lives in Merritt Island, Florida, they have lived together a number of times.

Before the wedding, Corrine says they'll finally have to pick where to plant their roots, but for now they live on "Cloud Nine."

Watch the video below.

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