Teens Faked A Proposal To Get Free Dessert And The Internet Is Applauding Them

by Hope Schreiber

After a bad week, Cati Domitrovich, 19, and her best friend Alex Nagle, 17, wanted to cheer themselves up. So, the Texas teens went to a fancy dinner on Saturday.

When I was teenager, a group of us would pool our money, go to the local Johnny Rockets and dance with the waiters for a free sundae. It was embarrassing, kind of, but we all wore braces so that was the least of our worries.

Or we would use the classic "it's her birthday" line, and we'd split a cake.

Basically, what I'm saying is teens scamming restaurants out of dessert isn't new.

But this is a trick we never thought of before.

We faked a proposal just to get free dessert.

Domitrovich told BuzzFeed News,

We just had to act like a couple the entire time.

After Domitrovich went to the restroom, Nagle told their waitress he was going to propose to his fake bae. He even asked her to document the moment by taking photos.

Domitrovich added,

Everyone believed us, and everyone clapped.

I assume after the two teens finished their dessert it looked a little something like this...

Domitrovich said the free dessert was "really good," so all of the effort to have a fake proposal was totally worth it. Nagle said it was "really fun."

If I was there, I would be like "Oh no baby! What is you doing? You are too young."

Domitrovich said,

We're thinking about doing it other places, too.

But a word of advice? Don't post it on Twitter because restaurants will start to take notice.

Needless to say, the happy fake couple have inspired a generation.

Sure, a fake proposal might seem a little extra to you when you saw the dessert amount...


But free food is free food, and how many times can you say you've been proposed to -- REAL OR FAKE?!

Honestly, the only way to perfect the scam is to get rid of the accomplice.

Don't tell your friend you're going to propose. Naturally, they'll assume you're crazy and have been in love with them for years.

When they say no and leave, the restaurant will feel so bad for you they'll comp your meal for free, and you won't have to share the dessert.

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