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Guess Which Presidential Candidate Kendall Jenner Is Officially Voting For

In a Twitter announcement on Thursday, Kendall Jenner officially made her very first political endorsement for... drumroll... Hillary Clinton.

The 2016 presidential election will be the first one in which 20-year-old Jenner can vote.

Wearing a Marc Jacobs t-shirt featuring an artsy image of Clinton, she used the hashtags #MadeForHistory and #ImWithHer to show her support.

Jenner isn't the first celeb to show her support for a presidential candidate (Kim and Kanye have also shown their support for Clinton), but she is among the youngest. And every millennial's vote will count for Clinton who won just 17 percent of the youth vote in the New Hampshire primary.

If you're like me and jonesing to get your hands on one of those tees, you can buy one from Hillary Clinton's website here.

FYI, Tory Burch's design is pretty fly too.

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