These Adorable Premature Twins Holding Hands Will Make Your Heart Melt (Video)


Welcome to your cathartic midday cry zone (CMCZ).

Today, your CMCZ is sponsored by two teeny premature twins whose nonstop hand-holding hit more than eight million people right square in the feelings.

Anthea Jackson-Rushford shared a video of her newborn twins, Kristian and Kristiana, holding tight to one another as they rest on their father's chest.

The twins, born January 3, are about 11 weeks premature and spend much of their days hooked up to tubes.

In a Facebook post on January 10, Jackson-Rushford wrote,

Even while hooked up to hospital machinery, Kristian and Kristiana bonded faster than two Lindsay Lohans at summer camp.

It's enough to fill your CMCZ to capacity with fat, salty tears.

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