Woman's 'Pregnancy' Goes Viral After She Admits Faking It To Get Back At Ex


Are you ready for some juicy mid-week drama? If so, take a seat and grab a bag of popcorn. Shit just got REAL on Twitter, thanks to a fake pregnancy claim.

On Tuesday afternoon, a story of spite and vengeance erupted when 18-year-old Shantasia Phillips tweeted what was revealed to be a fake ultrasound to 25-year-old Kyle Harris.

Her intentions were obviously to get his attention. She claimed he had blocked her cell number, which was a big no-no in her book.

Harris immediately denied her accusations, and reminded Phillips that they did use a condom.

Their Twitter exchange is CRAY.

To make matters worse, Harris brought his supposed "girlfriend" into the conversation, in order to further prove that he wasn't the one to impregnate Phillips.

Since we putting everything on Twitter might as well tell the whole story @LING_LING156 — Pablo (@kylegotjokes) September 6, 2016

According to Buzzfeed News, Harris claimed that Phillips had been "messing around" with his friend before she was even involved with him. He then claimed that if anyone actually impregnated her, it was certainly his friend.

Are y'all with me, still? Phillips faked a pregnancy and blamed it on Harris. Harris brought in his real girlfriend, and made it clear that he definitely used a condom.

OK, phew. Moving on.

After tweeting this screenshot, Harris suggested that he should get his GF involved... with a semi-threatening tweet.

He went there.

Is Shantasia scared? No, of course she's not.


As expected, Harris' alleged girlfriend, Brena, broke up with him because of the ultrasound that Phillips had posted.

Poor, poor Kyle.

The only woman that ever had my back is gone I fucked up big time @iambrenaj — Pablo (@kylegotjokes) September 6, 2016

Just when things couldn't get any worse for Harris, there was another insane plot twist.

You guessed it: Someone found the same ultrasound that Phillips claimed to be hers on the internet, and it's from way back in 2011.

Everything we know is a L-I-E.

Is your mind blown yet? Because mine sure is.

After Shantasia was contacted by Buzzfeed and asked if her ultrasound was real, she finally admitted that everything was fake. It was all just a ploy to get Harris' girlfriend to break up with him.

Well, you definitely went above and beyond to achieve your goal, girl. But I wouldn't be waiting around for another boyfriend anytime soon.

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