Prankster Tricks Idiots Into Thinking Toothbrushes Are New Apple Headphones


You know what they say: People will believe almost anything.

This was certainly the case when a British (obviously) prankster thought it would be hilarious to tell people that toothbrushes were the new wireless iPhone 7 headphones, and he had been sent by Apple to see how people responded to them.

He went around a British festival wearing an Apple t-shirt, with two toothbrushes and a camera man, asking people to try the "headphones" and see if they liked them. And with the exception of one guy, people completely fell for it.


They loved the design of the toothbrush-headphones. To be fair, they are very similar to the new AirPods.


They loved the feel of the headphones.


And they absolutely LOVED the sound!


How did this guy manage to get teeth-cleaning equipment to play music, you may ask?

He simply had someone stand behind them with speakers. And most people fell for it.


But you can't really blame them. Most people at festivals probably can't tell their right hand from their left.

Finally, though, Julius puts them out of their misery .


Well, duh.