Woman Finds Poop On Same Bus Seat 4 Times In 3 Months


There have been a few heroes when it comes to the battle of feces.

They may not win often. For instance, one of Elite Daily's very own had to clean up a drunk girl's embarrassing accident. God bless and keep him always.

However, he faced one night of battle, as horrific as it was. Louise Walker, a student nurse, served in the poop-trenches for three whole months.

Walker noticed a "poo-like" stain on an Arriva X1 bus from Windmill Hill to Liverpool.


She wrote on Facebook the seat was covered in something that "resembled feces," which I would think you would prefer not to sit next to on your commute whether it was poop or not.

Walker told the Liverpool Echo,

After two weeks, Walker Texas Ranger British Poop-Fighter hops on the same bus and goes to her regular seat. SURPRISE! The poop remains.

She posted on the Arriva North West Facebook page,

She said,

A poop that is 2 weeks old?! That's what we in the biz call an ol' dunk-a-roo.

Arriva then wrote back to apologize for the public poo,

Walker was not convinced this would be the end of her battle.

Two months later, she was proven right.


For two long months, this poop has been traveling England.

She took a picture of her dated ticket and sent them another Facebook message, writing,

Personally, I've grown attached to the poop. I want to know its back story. Where did it come from? What is it running from on this bus?

Arriva responded,

Three months later, the poopy bus seat was still a nightmare Walker could not awaken from.


An astounding 72 days after Walker first met her stinky nemesis, she reached out once again to the bus company. She wrote,

They responded,

But it was too little, too late for Walker. She's going to start taking the train. She added,

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