Police Are Warning Parents About Snap Map Because It's Kind Of Terrifying


Snapchat debuted its newest feature, Snap Map, on Wednesday, June 20 -- and since then, people have been... intrigued.

The cartoon-like addition to the already-loved app makes it even easier for users to share their location with their followers, but authorities are warning parents about the dangers of the update.

With location sharing turned on, your Actionmoji will show up exactly where you are on the Snap Map.


While some might see this as ample opportunity to innocently lurk on their ex or keep tabs on their BFF, police are now warning parents that it has the potential to be a dangerous threat to children.

(And pretty much anyone trying to avoid a stalker situation.)

Police in Germantown, WI issued an official statement about the safety issues associated with location sharing on their Facebook, highlighting just how accurate Snap Map can be.

They warned,

It can give you the area, town, and street and if you zoom in enough, it shows the house on the street layout.

I was already a little freaked out about the whole thing, but after seeing the terrifying, privacy-violating truth spelled out by the cops, I'm not planning to leave Ghost Mode anytime soon.

This news is particularly concerning for kids.

Michele Pinera, who works with the Gwinnett County Police Department in Wisconsin, told FOX6 Now that parents should carefully monitor their kids' social media use now more than ever. She said,

Kids are very sneaky, even if you tell them you are not allowed on social media. As a parent, you have to be a snoop. You have to go into their computer and you have to take their phone. It is essentially the parent's phone, and you have to go in there and see exactly what their doing.

My inner kid is like, "Wow, harsh." But honestly, Snap Map is freaky, you guys.

Parents are rightfully alarmed.

According to Fox6 Now, Snapchat representatives told concerned mom Jennifer Pozolopez that they will send reminders to users sharing their location.

But she's still "nervous" about it. She told the news station,

It's very scary, because predators have the same technology as our kids, so unless parents do something to limit that, predators have access to your children.

Yikes. It's a "no" from me, Snap Map.